We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them.
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Sometimes I look at photos of Chicago, and can’t believe I live in the loop.
» How well do you see color?



Arrange the hues in order. A lower score is a better score. 0 is a perfect score. I did this pretty quickly. I got a 37, which is pretty decent. It’s on the higher end of the scale for my age group and gender. I had the hardest time seeing greens and blues. Interesting?

I got a 7! I had a hard time with the peachy pink shades and lavenders. I’ve always been picky about coor shades though.

I got 4, but I knew I was pretty good with colors. I am in art school. :)



Didi: Stu, what are you doing?Stu: Making chocolate pudding.Didi: It’s four o’clock in the morning! Why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?Stu: Because I’ve lost control of my life.

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I’ve been idolizing Betty Draper to much.

Today I was called a cunt, and really depressed from the same guy whose been trying to get in my pants… (now I feel like her, I need to be a Joan)

James Joyce—the artist, not the writer:

my goals to day are make: plastic, sleeves, dreams, and then probably clean a little.


Derek Stenning
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